Guindo with some of the young trees he has left to grow in his field. Sahel Eco Header
Fighting Poverty and Securing Livelihoods in the Sahel through better Management of the Environment

A new NGO...with over 15 years of experience !

In 2004, SOS Sahel UK helped its Mali country programme to become an independent national NGO. This is part of its commitment to building a stronger civil society in Africa.

Meeting under treeSAHEL ECO is the name of this new NGO. Sahel to indicate a continuing commitment to the arid and semi arid areas south of the Sahara and Eco from three French words which together define the mission of the new NGO: écologie - ecology - better management of the environment; économie - economy - to improve the lives of people living in rural areas; and écoute - listen - by working in close partnership with local people.


What's New?

Added in Mar 2013 Added in Feb 2013

Sahel Eco and ITF are thrilled to announce that our joint project, Trees for Livelihoods, has been granted funding by the Big Lottery Fund.